Art you want to live with

art you want to wake up to

Original Paintings

Print Collection

These archival prints are vibrant and beautifully printed on a luxurious archival paper.  With multiple frames to choose from, this is an affordable way to make your space feel more like YOU.  

Gilded Bird Collection

I've created 10 pieces in this collection of hand-leafed Birds printed in vibrant colors on a 4 x 4 inch wood panel.

About me:

I'm passionate about Sparkling Water

I'm a hardcore introvert who loves cozy dinners with friends

My first career was in music

My favorite things to collect are odd, very tiny figurines

Goal for this year:  I'm building a new studio and moving in Sept 2021

Free 2021 Calendar

I'm so excited to see 2021, that I'm giving away a FREE Downloadable & Printable Calendar